Remembering loved one with the Winlock Memorial Tree

By Lynnette Hoffman

Remembering loved one with the Winlock Memorial Tree

The Winlock Memorial Tree is a Christmas Tree decorated with names of those who have gone on before us. Many of us have family member names on the trees and it's because of one person in Winlock this tree became a reality.

Carol Wallin has been a resident of Winlock her entire life. She is one of those individuals everyone loves. If you have never met Carol, take the time to visit her at the Rowdy Rooster, she is a blessing to Winlock and so is her family. A few years ago, Carol started a new tradition in Winlock, the Winlock Memorial tree. It's been a gift for the community ever since.

Carol stated, "The tree was just a thought one day that I pursued. With the help of the Lioness Organization and the city approval, it came to life three years ago. Christmas is such a sentimental time of year and all have someone we so dearly miss. The community families have lost so many over the past years."

She continued, "The response for requests for ornaments has been so amazing and each one has a story that has touched someone's life. This memorial tree brings into light what Winlock is really about. Good people, good times with memories, and most of all love within it."

Thank you Carol and your wonderful crew for making sure that every year, our families and friends are never forgotten.