PUD Tokeland Extension Article Not Needed

Bob Johnson

Pacific County folks became dissatisfied with privately owned power utilities and a public utility district idea was conceived in 1930 in the southern part of the county.

In November of 1932, Pacific County P.U.D. #1 was approved by a majority vote, but was not activated.

In 1935, the Pacific County Pomona Grange led a drive for either of two options: (1) the extension of the first district, countywide; or (2) the creation of a second countywide district. The countywide district was approved in a landslide election in November of 1936. Business for Pacific County P.U.D. #2 started in March 1940. Lines were officially energized from BPA on October 30, 1940.

The fact of the matter is, the district is already countywide and does not need to do an annexation of the area. Had the writer researched the history of PUD No. 2, they would have found that there was no need for the article and the opinion that the PUD did something wrong.


Bob Johnson

Raymond, Wash.


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