Portable Generator Safety Tips

Storms can knock out power and many families rely on a portable generator for backup power during black outs. Proper use helps avoid tragedies resulting from carbon monoxide or fires.

Never operate a portable generator indoors. Do not use them in homes, garages, basements, crawl spaces or other enclosed or partially enclosed areas even with ventilation. Always use generators outdoors maintaining a safe distance away from doors, windows and vents.

Fires are a danger when a generator power source or fuel is used improperly. Make sure the generator is cool when handling to eliminate accidental burns. Fuel needs to be stored away from living spaces in properly labeled containers. Do not block exhausts or intakes on the generator to prevent overheating.

Improper use of a generator can cause electrical hazards. Never plug the generator into a wall outlet to backfeed emergency power to your home. Keep the generator dry and on a flat surface. Use heavy-duty outdoor-rated extension cords that are in good condition.