Perales pleads guilty

Marcos Antionio Perales, 19, of South Bend entered a guilty plea to four counts of rape of a child in the first degree and one count of child molestation in the first degree and is schedule for sentencing on October 23, 2015 at 3:00 PM where it is anticipated that he will receive a prison sentence of life with a minimum of 25 years. "With the consent of the known victims' parents, I agreed to a sentence whereby Mr. Perales will receive a minimum sentence of 25 years provided he discloses the identity of any other sexual assault victims and participate in a polygraph to ensure he is truthful about those who he names and that there are no other victims," said Prosecuting Attorney Mark McClain. "Mr. Perales has indicated there are at least two other victims which are not known to law enforcement and it was important to me that we identify all of the victims so that their parents can receive notification and services. This is truly a tragic case because I have heard from so many people that Mr. Perales is simply a nice young man and many find it hard to imagine he did this--I, too, have had interaction with this young man while officiating him in football and had the same initial reaction, but he admitted to the conduct, accepted punishment and also has agreed to help us locate his victims, all of which merits consideration." added McClain. If Perales is truthful during the polygraph examination it is expected he will be sentenced under the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board, which means he will receive a life sentence, but is eligible for release if deemed no longer a danger to the community after 25 years in prison. "regardless of when he is released, he will be on probation with the Department of Corrections for life and be required to register as a sex offender for life, this means that he will never be permitted to be around children without approval of a probation officer and will be required to complete sex offender treatment," said McClain.