Operation Safe Harbors sting nets 13 arrests

Running a three-day operation that ended in more than 100 arrests dubbed “Operation Safe Harbors”, a joint effort of law enforcement was aimed at locating wanted felons and checking the status of registered sex offenders across three counties, including Pacific, Mason and Grays Harbor county deputies, led by the U.S. Marshal Service, was praised by county sheriff’s.

The operation went smoothly working with the other jurisdictions,” Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson told the Herald. “This is something that we have wanted to do for a long time but have not had the resources to allow it. Working alone would have taken us a very long time.”

With focus in Grays Harbor on the first day, the operation tackled over 100 non-compliance Level 2 and 3 registered sex offender warrants, to ensure they were working within the conditions of their release. The checks included taking DNA samples from those who had none on file. Ten arrests came from the initial sweep.

Over the following days a focus on violent offenders cleared 125 warrants and had 90 arrests. Final reports still coming from the six teams involved, in may alter the numbers.

Pacific County served 21 warrants with 13 arrests.

We worked our own resources on sex offenders in Pacific County and are close to having 100 percent of the offenders in compliance with the law,” Johnsno said. “We are urrently tracking around 100 sex offenders in Pacific County, but that includes a handful from Wahkiakum County.

Along with Sheriff’s Deputies, the Marshall’s Office, and the Department of Corrections, the operation also received assistance from local police for offenders in their areas.