New Shop in South Bend

New Shop in South Bend | wh biz

Pier One Pantry opens in South Bend.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Pier One Pantry at the location of the old Cafe Omni, which is a farmer's market and local artist show case, opening around Labor Day. Owners Deanna Couch and Kaye Nix are bringing fresh ingredients to the downtown of South Bend as well as showcasing local artist's crafts for sale. They will also be re opening the cafe that is now under the same name as the market. Pier One Pantry will be serving convenient to-go style breakfast pockets and sandwiches as well as cinnamon rolls and then they will serve lunch as well as dinner. They will specialize in gourmet burgers but will also serve things like clam chowder, and a seafood platter that will feature local oysters, shrimp and fish. The dinner menu will always feature at least one different daily item, so that there is something new to try everyday. Owners Couch and Nix are "open to suggestions" as far as content for their farmer's market as well as for their cafe menu, so stop in and let them know if you have any suggestions.