New police officer join Napavine's law enforcement

By Lynnette Hoffman

New police officer join Napavine's law enforcement

Officer Taylor Nichols

The City of Napavine hired a new police officer. Officer Taylor Nichols was hired on March 23, 2020 and immediately went to work patrolling the streets. Napavine Police Department now consists of Chief Salyers and three officers. Napavine is well protected.

Nichols comes to Napavine from Cowlitz County where he was born and raised. He is a graduate of Kelso High School. During high school, Nichols was a member of the golf team. This gave him the opportunity to work at the Three Rivers Golf Course during high school. Being on the golf team taught him how to be a team player, a very important role in his job today.

After high school, Nichols went to work for a company that contracted with Comcast. He worked there for two years before he was hired directly by Comcast. He had a dream to be in law enforcement and his dream was about to come true.

Officer Nichols signed up to be a reserve officer for the City of Centralia. He completed his reserve training and worked for Centralia for a few months before applying to the City of Napavine. Officer Nichols stated, "My lifelong best friend's dad was a deputy. We always enjoyed being a part of the first responders. Brad Thurman who is the Cowlitz County Sheriff has been an integral part of my desire to join law enforcement. My grandfather was also a huge inspiration. He was part of the Portland Police Department for 30 years. I have grown up around law enforcement and wanted to follow in their footsteps."

Officer Nichols talks about his time with Centralia, he stated "I was hired as a reserve and I had a great opportunity to learn under the Centralia PD. I was able to ride along and gain an incredible amount of experience. The experience gave me the confidence to apply for the Napavine Police Department."

Officer Nichols is new to the small community, coming from Kelso. "I have thoroughly enjoyed the small community of Napavine. I have met many of the citizens. If I haven't met you yet, please do not hesitate to stop me and introduce yourself."

Since his employment with the City of Napavine, Officer Nichols has been involved in five drug busts and various tickets. He is in Napavine to make sure it continues to be a safe community for all.

Napavine Chief of Police Chris Salyers stated, "Officer Nichols is a great addition to our team. He has a great attitude, he is here to help the citizens of Napavine while keeping it safe for everyone. We look forward to his years of service to the citizens of Napavine."

Officer Nichols hobbies include: golfing, boating, and motocross. He is the son of Jason Nichols and Melanie Seamster. He has a two year old son, Aiden.

Next time you see Officer Nichols, take a minute to introduce yourself. He is here for you!