New Members added to Rocket Stadium Hall of Fame

Gregg Pohll

Estafaye (center, left) and Bill Stephenson (center, right) greet members of the Rocket Stadium Hall of Fame on Friday night. The Stephensons were inducted into the group due to outstanding support and willingness to help the Castle Rock schools.

Estafaye and Bill Stephenson were added to the Rocket Stadium Hall of Fame. The number of inductees now total 71.

The Stephensons had two children who played sports but the youngest graduated in 1977. They have been attending Castle Rock athletic events in a dedicated fashion and are huge supporters of the athletic and school program.

'We are shocked, just shocked," said Estafaye Stephenson. "Our kids graduated in 1974 and 1977. We have still followed [CRHS athletics] since them."

"We graduated from R.A. Long," said Bill.

This makes them a rare addition to the Hall. Most members are for standout Rocket athletes.