Multi-county food drive reaches the 30-year mark

by Kennedi Collins

Multi-county food drive reaches the 30-year mark

It's that time of year again. With the holidays upon us it is the time for giving. In this time of giving families can now prepare for the annual Walk 'n' Knock the first Saturday of December.

This year marks over 30 years of the Walk 'n' Knock canned food drive. During the Walk 'n' Knock, the participants go from door to door asking for canned food donations to go to the Winlock food bank. This is a huge food drive with multiple counties involved. These other areas include Clark County, Lewis County, Cowlitz County, and Rochester representing Pierce County. Of these other participants Winlock has the largest food drive with over 20 routes that can last from one to four hours.

Not only is Winlock the biggest food bank involved but it is also the food drive with the most community participants. "There is great support from Winlock High School and the FFA." Chuck Sonner stated his thanks. Amongst the Winlock High School Students other great supporters are the Winlock Lions and Lionesses, the VFW, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

"Everybody comes out to help," Sonner said.

For the Walk 'n' Knock, there are about 130,000 pounds of food collected in one day. What is collected in food and money in each city goes towards the families of that city. With each donation around 230 families and 800 individuals are being helped each month. Should any town member want to make a donation it has been requested that the donations be outside and ready at 10 am or dropped off at Cedar Village or Umpqua Bank. If anyone would like to be a driver for a route or would like to serve as a runner who retrieves the canned goods meet at the Winlock Miller Elementary school at 9:30 am.