Morgan Arts Centre hosts Children Theatre Workshop

Morgan Arts Centre hosts Children Theatre Workshop

Children Theatre Workshop is being held this week at Morgan Arts Centre in Toledo. At the end of the workshop on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. everyone is invited to attend a performance by the children who spent the week learning to perform.

This event is free to the public; you are guaranteed to have a good time. This is an event where all the children have the opportunity to perform, there were be many different plays and acts. It's always a very busy and fun evening, bring your lawn chairs, sit out and enjoy watching young artist at work. The children have a concession stand where all the proceeds go back to the children. Hope to see you Friday evening at Morgan Arts Centre.

Morgan Arts Centre started in 1991 and the big building was completed in 1999. It's been the center of activities many times over since they moved into the larger building of 2400 sq ft. building.

The Centre has many activities throughout the year. They have an art sale in the spring and during the holiday season. Children's art camps in the summer, Camp Picasso and Children's Theatre Workshop. Guest artist will also come in and teach art classes in the winter and spring months. Then, let's not forget the Battle of the CowlArtz, Toledo High School and Winlock High School students do a combined art show.

They also offer a place for many of the local groups to meet. ARTrails of S.W. Washington use Morgan Arts Centre as their main meeting place. Toledo Lions club utilizes the Centre as a meeting facility most of the time. Vision:Toledo meets her as well to discuss the arts, recreation and events. Cheese Day committee (Cheese heads) also meets at the Centre on a regular basis. The Cheese Day Committee just finished one of the best Cheese Days on record.

Mike and Di Morgan have been in Toledo since 1973, and taught at Toledo for 30 years. Mike mostly taught Art and History at the high school. Di was an elementary school teacher. They have two children, Jake and Emily along with grand-daughter Helen in Toledo. Katie, their daughter and her husband Stephen live in Tumwater.

If you have the time available on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m., head to Morgan Arts Centre at 190 Plomondon Road in Toledo.