More Information on Medicare

doug sheaffer

Many people had (or have) the perception that I & A is where low-income seniors go to get help. Good! That’s true — but not all of what we do or whom we serve.

A “typical” person (if there is such) would be over 60 or under 60; have income below the federal poverty level (FPL), or above the FPL; live alone or with the family; be on Medicaid, or not; have Medicare issues, or have that all figured out; be fully insured and just need a phone number, or be fully un-insured and not sure where to begin..You get the picture.

A “typical” person we see and work with is the typical person in the community — you and me. And you may not be looking for help for yourself, but for a family member, friend or neighbor.

I thought you guys had case managers for people getting help in their homes.

Yes, we do. Medicaid In-Home Care programs (COPES generally being the most familiar) are designed for someone who needs help with daily personal care activities, who meet Medicaid financial eligibility, and want to remain home. The initial application and assessment is done by Home & Community Services (HCS) and if found eligible, the person is transferred to us for ongoing management, coordination and authorization of services. We can help you connect the dots to start the process and/or give you information about programs.

We can also get you information about home care agencies and other options even if you’re not Medicaid eligible.

But you guys help with Medicare stuff, right?

Again, yes we do. From helping folks enroll in Medicare Part D (prescriptions) during open enrollment, to finding out about Supplemental Medicare plans, Medicare Savings Plans and so on, our Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) staff is here to help.

Someone told me they got some free legal advice there, too.

We have an eligibility-specific legal advice service through a local attorney, called Senior Legal Advice Clinics (SLAC), and it’s available for folks over 60.

But you guys are also Rebuilding Together, right?

Sort of yes, sort of no. (Like I said at the beginning, a moving target). We are the front door for Rebuilding Together in south Pacific County. We take the information for them and make the referrals.

So what all do you do?

Not enough space here to get into all that detail. You are more than welcome to come by our offices and get an idea, though. And you would be far from the first one to come in and ask that question.

We may not have all your answers..but we can probably find out who does. Give us a call, or check-out our website. Let’s see what we can do.

Information & Assistance: Long Beach: 642-3634; 888-571-6558; Raymond: 942-2177; 888-571-6557;