McClain's a Dedicated Public Servant Who Fights for His Victims

I was disappointed to learn that someone from Ellensburg decided to cast Mark McClain in a negative light.

I worked with Mark while I was a Detective with the Ellensburg Police Department and when he was a Deputy Prosecutor for Kittitas County. I observed Mark to be a dedicated public servant who fought for the victims in his cases, especially in child sexual assault cases.

We wanted Mark to take our cases not just because he was a talented prosecutor, but also because he worked with us and the victims to seek a just result.

I also worked with Mark as a police officer. Mark agreed to help a local Police Department when their small force was depleted by injury and vacancy.  Mark did so without pay and I observed him to be the kind of "throw-back" officer who took a community approach rather than the acting like the kind of cop who made sure you knew he was a cop (I'm sure we all have encountered these two types of police officers.).

I also understand that some have taken issue with Mark running as an Independent.  I can assure you he is most certainly independent and, as he has been described by the paper, is a political moderate.

In fact, while working as a commissioner, he even approved domestic partnership medical benefits for county employees, something he did long before same sex marriage was approved.

My experience with Mark is that he is a thoughtful person, hearing both sides of an issue before making a decision and never being afraid to reconsider his personal views to make sure he does the right thing for the right reasons.  I was sorry to see him go and can tell you that our community lost an asset.  Mark's work with Rotary, officiating sports, and assisting with domestic violence issues is missed.