Mayor Helenberg signs National Adoption Day

by Kennedi Collins

Gathered together in the Castle Rock town hall, the City Council came together for their scheduled council meeting on Monday, November 9.

The first speaker came forward with a request for the Festival of Lights. In her time, she requested members of the council stepping forward to be judges during the events. Mayor Helenberg agreed that he would find people for this task. Next under Business from the Floor, the next speaker was called forward. With this, City Clerk, Ryana Covington read the paper work presented about adoption and Forever Parents. As she continued to read the paperwork, there was a request for the Mayor to "declare November 17 as National Adoption Day and encourage all citizens to join efforts to raise awareness about the importance of adoption." After signing the proclamation and various speakers came forth to show the importance of this, those in attendance of the meeting applauded.

In Department Reports City Engineer, Dominic Miller who told the council that the sidewalk project should be completed by Thanksgiving.

Once on to New Business, the council looked at the first topic of "Kepano Gilman, Diane Street SW, request for adjustment to September and October utility billing in the amount of $643.06 due to a leak." Again, a motion was made to approve this adjustment. With no comment of opposition, the motion carried. The next and final topic of the night was the matter of "Ordinance No. 2015-11, an ordinance fixing the estimated amount to be raised by Ad Valorem taxes for the 2016 budget in accordance with Revised Code of Washington 84.55.104 on the first reading." After the motion was made and seconded, the motion carried unanimously. With the conclusion of this topic, the meeting was adjourned.