Marijuana Update


The Washington State Liquor Control Board is looking to start issuing licenses for those retail outlets who were drawn in the marijuana retail lottery as soon as July 7, with stores opening the following day. The first approach to bring 10-20 stores online in the more densely populated areas has been re-worked and will spread the licenses around the state in a more – “if you are ready, here is your license”, approach.

After stores receive the go ahead from the state, they will have just one day to secure any marijuana product, stock their shelves and open the doors for the initial morning rush.

Though an official list is currently not available from the Control Board, the initial opening of retail outlets will most likely be sparse as well as the estimated available product, and in the northern and eastern part of the state.

With counties and cities, even those who have a retail marijuana lottery winner in their jurisdiction, many are still working through moratoriums dealing with the most part zoning regulations as to where the marijuana industry will operate.