Local voting results (a breakdown by precincts)

Stephen Floyd

Local voting results ranged from fairly consistent to wildly different went compared to precincts across Lewis County. Below are breakdowns of how voters among our readership selected their candidates, according to precinct information reported as of Friday afternoon. Precinct results for Castle Rock and Ryderwood are expected to be available after the election is certified Aug. 19. Look for further updates as more information is made available.

Winlock area

(Winlock, Evaline East, Evaline West, Prescott, Stearns Creek and Veness precincts)

US Congressional Representative, District 3 (Out of 1121votes)

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R, Incumbent): 61.46%

Bob Dingethal (D, Challenger): 21.5%

Michael Delavar (R, Challenger): 17.04%

Lewis County Assessor (Out of 1023 votes)

Dianne Dorey (R, Incumbent): 49.56%

Candy Hallom (R, Challenger): 25.61%

Martha Hunt (R, Challenger): 24.83%

Toledo area

(Toledo, Cowlitz, Drews Prairie and Salmon Creek precincts)

US Congressional Representative, District 3 (Out of 952votes)

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R, Incumbent): 58.61%

Bob Dingethal (D, Challenger): 21.01%

Michael Delavar (R, Challenger): 20.38%

Lewis County Commissioner, Position 3 (Out of 927 votes)

Michael Messmore (R, Challenger): 32.58%

Jerry Pratt (R, Challenger): 26.54%

John Roe (R, Challenger): 13.91%

Rich Bainbridge (R, Challenger): 11.65%

Gary Stamper (R, Challenger): 10.14%

Harry Bhagwandin (R, Challenger): 5.18%

Lewis County Assessor (Out of 620 votes)

Dianne Dorey (R, Incumbent): 47.58%

Candy Hallom (R, Challenger): 26.13%

Martha Hunt (R, Challenger): 26.29%

Vader area

(Vader, Stillwater East and Stillwater West precincts)

US Congressional Representative, District 3 (Out of 251 votes)

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R, Incumbent): 54.58%

Bob Dingethal (D, Challenger): 30.68%

Michael Delavar (R, Challenger): 14.74%

Lewis County Commissioner, Position 3 (Out of 232 votes)

John Roe (R, Challenger): 31.03%

Gary Stamper (R, Challenger): 18.54%

Michael Messmore (R, Challenger): 16.38%

Jerry Pratt (R, Challenger): 14.65%

Rich Bainbridge (R, Challenger): 12.5%

Harry Bhagwandin (R, Challenger): 6.9%

Lewis County Assessor (Out of 221 votes)

Dianne Dorey (R, Incumbent): 47.51%

Martha Hunt (R, Challenger): 27.15%

Candy Hallom (R, Challenger): 25.34%