Grayland Open results

Grayland Open results | jetski

Joe Smith in his first competition as a rookie, took fourth at the Grayland Open Jetski Competition held at Grayland Beach.

The Grayland Open Pro/Am Surf and Freeride Competition was held over the August 8 weekend. With a larger group of rookie and amateur class of riders the surf at Grayland brought the challenge to new and experienced riders.

Here are the results of the weekend competition:
Pro Class:
1, Mark Gomez; 2, Zack Bright; 3, Christian Young; 4, Abraham Hochstraser
Master Class:
1, Chris Batten; 2, Rick Pearce; 3, Jerry Cox; 4, Dave Collins.
1, Zack Bright; 2, Zach Ertle; 3, Bailee Jones; 4, Jason Lindstrom.
Amateur Class:
1, Chris Grace; 2, James Juvet; 3, Bryan Beurassa; 4, Cameron White.
Rookie Class:
1, Anthony Anderson; 2, Brooke Gronemeyer; 3, Sean Starr; 4, Joe Smith.
Broken Ski Award: Stuart Allison.
Pro Jam Award: Christian Young.