Good Sports of Week is Great for our Youth

I have often thought this concept should be a feature in every local newspaper.

Specifically that a number of (good) kids each week should be featured. Not so much that they have done anything specific, but that they should be interviewed and featured (photo-likes, dislikes, hobbies, what they want to be when they grow up, etc...)

The reason for this is, that usually the ONLY time one (a kid) makes the newspaper is when he/she gets into trouble.

Nothing that if kids were in the paper, just because, that they would be less likely to be out getting into trouble since they are being recognized already. It would also be that people would recognize them and that in itself would cut down on getting into trouble just because people would recognize who they are, etc.

It would be good to recognize (say) five kids a week. Each kid in the area could be interviewed within a couple of years meaning everyone would get to participate at least once.

You could also ask the kids what they think would help to improve the area for kids. If it's a good idea then you could help them get it going.

You might also start a "hero's" club of those kids who tutor other kids, or protect them from bullying, or help them in sports, etc...

I've thought about this on and off since I was a kid and seeing only the "bad" kids getting noticed.

I think this would go a long way toward lowering juvenile crime.

Stephen Quigg