Fun in the Toledo second grade class

Fun in the Toledo second grade class

The Toledo 2nd grade class has something to look forward to every week, and they get to go on safaries. Not just any safari, but a safari that is directed by the Principal of Toledo High School, Martin Huffman. This is a program that the kids get excited about and they want to participate in.

Each student is given a safari passport and the passports are signed by the guest speakers every week. The safari passport reminds the students of the fun they had during their adventures.

Mr. Huffman stated, "I believe it is essential for elementary students to learn safety, meet high school students, teachers, local law enforcement, fire and emergency service providers. This is a program that was brainstormed with two great friends, Mr. John Schreiner and Phil Williams. The theme is safety and welfare of the students, their families and the relationships they have animals and the environment."

Huffman continued, "The excitement of the students and the support of the teachers when we show up and call with the week's event is very positive." This is a program that Mr. Huffman is passionate about. "The basic idea is to make students aware of health and safety factors that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle for them, the animals we share our space with and the environment."

Students don't only use their safari passports at school, they are encouraged to take them with them wherever they go. If they go to the zoo, a zoo employee can include a stamp and signature. The students have the opportunity to talk about where they have been and those who have signed their books.

On Thursday, Jan. 25 they went on a safety safari with Police Chief John Brockmueller along with Principal Huffman and Mayor Steve Dobosh. They received stickers that were initialed and they also toured a police car and saw what a police car looks like inside. The students were so excited to sit in a police car.

This is a great program for students. They enjoy the safari but it's obvious the presenters enjoy it just as much. Thank you to Mr. Huffman for making this an exciting program for the 2nd grade class.