Five generations of the Lampitt family

Martha Lampitt, 93, came to Vader from Eastern Washington in the late 1920's. On June 30, 1942, Martha married Eddie Lampitt. The couple lived in the Winlock-Vader area until 1953 when they settled in the Cowlitz Prairie area of Toledo.

Martha and Eddie raised two children: a son, Roger, and a daughter, Terry. Terry met her husband, Sam Zion, when they were neighbors as kids. Sam and Terry married on July 10, 1964, "in the middle of haying season," as Sam put it. They have two sons, Craig and Dennis, and a daughter, Nancy. Craig's son, Kyle, and Kyle's fiancé, Saphire Stansbery, had a son on March 29, 2016, thus making five generations of the Lampitts living in Lewis County.

The Town Crier visited with Sam and Terry at their home. Sam and Terry used to have a large Black Angus bull farm out on the prairie for many years, but now Sam sells hay instead of bulls. Thank you to the Lampitt family for sharing your story with the community.