Elma News 11.25.15

by Fred Rapp

Elma News 11.25.15

We have so many things to be thankful for. We have the freedom to say and/or write what we believe. Anything we don't like we can say so. We have the right to elect our leaders. We are a sorry lot in using our right to vote. Just think, only 17% of the registered voters decided our leadership for four more years. We rejected the badly needed stadium for the Eagles, primarily because 66% of the voters didn't show up. Our economy is beginning to recover and hopefully many more people will soon be able to find some good jobs in our area. Our Chamber and the Tourism committee are getting more people to experience our beautiful area and our very friendly people. Satsop Business Park is working all the time to bring new opportunities to East County. The last three new tenants are a manufacturer of salsa, a distributor of natural gas and a compost maker using waste materials, much of it coming from Alaska.

Our Summit Pacific Medical Center in Elma has brought many awards to our area. Their personnel have been cited for excellence in medical services.

Tom and Renee Jensen have been a blessing to our communities in many changes that were needed in providing continuing good medical care.

Elma is blessed with three Food Banks so everyone can have good healthy meals. Elma's senior center is changing and serving our seniors better. Elma's Clothing bank serves 100's of people from this area. They also are helped in their work by many of the fellows from Set Free. The Indian rehab center find this facility very helpful.

Steve Hanson is investing heavily in bringing new business to Elma. The contractors seem to be doing everything in making this area a wonderful part of our community.

The churches in Elma and surrounding areas are meeting the needs of hundreds of families. They work with physical, emotional and spiritual needs and many are benefitted by the caring of the pastors and people who believe in spreading God's love by their caring, praying and serving the community.

Our police and firemen serve us so well and put their lives on the line as do our military. As we see terrorists bring death and destruction around the world, we are thankful for the great place like Elma to live in.

East County businesses and East County Rotary had a very successful Scholarship fund raiser and have money for the East County Schools graduating seniors.

In addition they have funds to help in many other ways. If you are one who loves your community and loves to be of service. Come visit our Rotary club each Thursday, except for holidays at 7 am at Elma Lanes. Many people help each year. We appreciate all of you.

Rotary is sponsoring the bell ringing for the Salvation Army at Everybody's from November 28 to December 19th. If you would like to help, contact Patti Ambrose at 482 2666.