Ducks Unlimited Plan 1,700 acre Grayland Property presented

Ducks Unlimited gave a presentation at the Grays Harbor County commissioner's meeting, held Monday, August 8. The presentation was given in hopes of gaining the county's support. The company that is selling the property, Anderson and Middleton, is interested in selling the property, but is hoping to sell the property to an organization that will still focus on conservation and public access.

Public access was a big focus of the commissioners, and Ducks Unlimited has not been able to provide details into what the public access on the new lands would look like. The representative for Ducks Unlimited also said that it's too early to know what improvements will be made to the land as well.

Ducks Unlimited has applied to three funding sources. One at the federal level, and two at the state level. No action was taken by the commissioners, they could take an action on it at the next meeting.