Don’t be a Victim


However, politicians of all initials for decades have used the American public to create victims. Their focus is not on the well being of our nation, but for votes for themselves.

The President has joined the party by bad mouthing any and all who do not recognize him as “our dear leader”, and provide him all he wants, and has a tantrum if fails to get his way.

I’m struck by the contrast in recent days by our wounded service men receiving medals, and their thoughts of not themselves but how they were proud to serve this country, including those fools we have elected.

Politicians have learned in the past 30 years if they create a victim and then throw money at them, they get those votes. As a result of this shameful practice, we have become a nation of victims. Too many of our citizens look for a way to become victims, instead of a way to take responsibility for their own actions, and realize “you are what you do”.

We for sure all make mistakes, and sometimes we just don’t learn from our mistake; and we repeat those errors. But eventually if you don’t want to be a victim, then one stop’s, analyzes, and takes corrective action to change your own destructive behavior. 

This government shutdown has caused a great deal of hardship on our citizens, but has solved nothing. The same fools are still overspending, and will not change until they are removed from office. That will only happen when enough citizens examine themselves, and say I want to be responsible for my own actions, and not be a victim. I see nothing in the agreement to settle this government mess that will not cause this to happen again and again. 

We need to look at our men and women’s behavior in the armed forces that have someone else’s interest and protection in mind as an example of the way forward.

Don’t be a victim take charge of your life; this is the solution for our Country current madness. 


Ron Craig,

South Bend, Wash.


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