Cosmopolis takes care of business

by Becky Stucki

The Cosmopolis City Council Meeting began with a request for 'roll call' from Finance Director Cheryl Turner. Mayor Chestnut led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. The meeting's focus centered on the budget, maintenance and infrastructure.

Jim Ancich stated "The County's budget for the proceeding year is the same as last. The city is adding revisions means and being careful."

Approve Agenda for Task order 3, Item Mill Creek Dam - new business; move second to adopt agenda, approve agenda.

Councilmember Sperring said there was a blockage on the sewer main.

Councilmember Pauley stated Parks, Recreation and Cemetery will have the 125th Anniversary on the second Sunday in September. The event will be held at the Lyons club park.

E911 Budget: Improvement of next generation 911 reporter.

Peggy Fouts retired.

Flood meeting cancelled.

Public Works Director Darrin Raines stated RTPO cancelled.

Police Chief Casey Stratton said a window and a tire need replacement. Recruit Mitchell is doing well at the academy course. No reports - 911.

Fire Chief Jerry Schreck mentioned a pump on the transmission gearing had to be replaced.

Task order 4 is suppose to be before us for final improvement - established $3,000 less than originally talked about.

Darrin Raines stated the sewer was plugged at Alder Drive and Stanford Creek. Ran the Jet truck. Tom and Jamen trash pump to level and it cleared the next day; will keep it active and working properly - last stop sign at Franklyn & Altino.

Mayor's report: Public Works increase for pay raises; ordinance 1298 - Tax Levi. Mayor Chestnut initiated an induction to adopt 1298. Second in favor say I, opposed say no. 1299 appeal is 1296 repealed; move to appeal 1299, of which is 1296.

1300 ordinance reviewed: water, sewer, cemetery on the 18th day of November 2015 - $104k even.

Councilmember Pauley said move to adopt and second it to adopt; all in favor say I, opposed say no.

Darrin Raines mentioned Task order 3 to get money granted to us to defend that project wasn't good enough money is in grant, as in the previous grant - $7,700 for permit.

Mayor Chestnut moved consent for Task order 3; all in favor say I, opposed say no.

Councilmember Sperring echoed Pauleys recommendations.

Darrin Raines said that the citizens deserve a big thanks to clearing.

Councilmember Jonathan Fischer had no comments.

Ben King stated that the City did a wonderful job - kept the leaves removed.

Mayor Chestnut adjourned the meeting.