Come for a scary good time

Come for a scary good time

Autumn is officially here! The leaves are turning, the air is crisp in the morning, and the men are in the woods a hunting. It is sweater weather, and pumpkin spice flavor for those of you who enjoy it. This also means that pumpkin patch season has begun and we have decided to roll out a writeup on a few of the local patches over the next few weeks so that you, dear readers, can see who offers what and where so that you can plan which ones to visit this year. All of them are highly recommended but whether you are a one patch a year family or a die hard patch goer, we have you covered on some of the best local patches.

First up is The Huntting's Pumpkin Patch, Haunted Forest and corn maze, located at 600 Cinebar Road in Cinabar. The patch is run by a father and son duo, Leonard and Landon Huntting.

The two have officially been providing pumpkin revelry for the past 7 years. During their first year, they sold pumpkins out of the back of a truck in town. After that, they thought it would be even better to start a patch on their property. Since then, they have had successful years, each year adding a little more.

Once you arrive, you will see that they have a fine field of pumpkins of course. On the other side of the patch is a massive corn maze. If you look on their Facebook page, you can see a topical image of what the maze looks like. You are probably going to get lost, but you will have fun doing it! If you go after dark, you can purchase a flashlight upfront to assist in your spooky wanderings.

Towards the back of the property is a forest - a haunted forest, which if you are brave you can visit after dark on Friday and Saturday nights for a ghostly walk-through. The woods will be full of spookily clad volunteers hiding in the shadows, ready to pop out at just the right moment. Be prepared.

They also offer a sling shot game with prizes of candy or cash, depending on how close you can make it to the bulls eye. There is certainly a lot to do on this 8 to 10 acre pumpkin patch. Landon and Leonard have been diligently putting work into field and forest to bring the best experience for the whole family year after year.

You can look them up on facebook at