City park to be used as a multi-use facility

Sitting in her usual city council seat, Mayor Pro Tem Vicki Flemetis pounded the gavel to get the city meeting started. All were in attendance for the meeting that ran rather quickly with few reports and a quick executive session to finalize labor negotiations over the Fire Union Memorandum or Understanding.

As the meeting progressed with public comment, coach Taz, also known as Gregory Hinz, ask permission to move forward with a fairly progressive plan to convert a city park into a multi-use facility that would include a football field/soccer pitch, two baseball diamonds, for fast pitch and baseball all on a turf facility. The city approved his idea and gave consent for him to move forward with his plan to help build a new field for local communities to utilize.

It is only the first step to get coach Taz on his way to establish a non-profit group that will manage the facility that is looking to house several sporting activities, will be fenced in and have lighting.

Also looking for approval from the city, Pebbles Williams asked for permission to relocate her current hair salon to her home and work from there. The council approved both items unanimously.

In Department Head reports,Fire Chief Todd Strozyk noted that the EMS levy will be coming up for the area of Raymond, South Bend, Willapa Valley and Naselle. Just to make the council aware.

Public Works brought out a pair of change orders that were approved by the council dealing with current work in the city. Council approved the change orders with no discussion.

Clerk-Treasurer Hester Gilleland reminded the council that the next two meetings will deal with the upcoming city budget and that she had almost all of the required paperwork ready for the public meetings.

The discussion came back to Mayor Pro Tem Flemetis who noted that the position of mayor had been posted and that the public can send in their letters of applications. Applications needed to be in prior to Nov. 14. (see the Public Notice on page 2 of this issue.)

In the discussion with the council it was decided that a special meeting would be arranged for early December to hold interviews of those individuals wishing to sit as mayor.