City League Basketball 5-20-15

Many are familiar with the old adage...It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings...and it was proven at the final night of Raymond's City League Basketball of the Willapa Harbor Basketball Association.

At the conclusion of the Coast Controls vs. Willapa Printing game Dominic Barnes, of Coast Controls hurled a skyhook from under the opposing teams basket and found nothing but net at the buzzer. It was one that even Lew Alcindor would admit was quite a shot. But not to be outdone on the final night of regular season play for the city league, at the end of the next game, Harley's Bar vs. Simpson Avenue Grill, Derek Rask of Harley's dropped one from halfcourt and teammate Ryan Freeman, not wanting to be left out of the competition, hit a three-quarter court length shot, but in the opposing teams basket. Even though it was a night of the absolute (No Way) long ball shooting, none of the baskets made any differenace to the outcomes of the games.

The last night of the season had it share of "what if's" as well, with several teams in possible ties for the top positions leading into the season tournament that will start Wednesday night, May 20, at the Raymond High School Gym.

"I will have to break out the super computer to figure how everyone ends up to set the torunamnet," said orginizer Kaley Hanson.

That computer, a Commodore 64 that he keeps for special caculations in his Pitchwood office.

After crashing his computer a few times it has yet to be determined who will get the first round bye (Harley's or Pitchwood) in the tournament starting Wednedsay, at 6 pm. Three games are scheduled. Fans and athletes can check out the Willapa Harbor Basketball Association Facebook page to see the brackets and timeslots for the games of the torunament.

The proceeds fo the first season will go directly to the Raynond Boys basketball cache which will help foot the bill for many things during the sunner and the next season.

"With what we have so far we can get two teams to a summer camp. But the money will be used across the board in helping to provide opportunities for players at all levels of the sport," said Raymond Boys Basketball Coach Derek Rask.

With the additional fundraisers that the group participates in the additional revenue from the Willapa Basketball Association and the donations from the refersees who give back their fee per game, the kids participating in basketball should see new improvments to the program as the coach looks to grow it for the future of the school.

Here are the results of the final games:

Results for Wednesday May 13:
In one of the roughest, heated games of the season Harley's (46) came out on top with a one point win over #1 Pitchwood (45).
High scoring Simpson Ave Grill (84) kept up with their winning ways defeating Coast Controls (59).
Willapa Printing (58) gets a decisive win over Pacific Eye Clinic (41).

Referees: Rod King and Joey Maneman

Top shooters: C. Bisbee 15, T. Clements 10 (Pitchwood), R. Freeman 17, L. Anderson 15, B. Langer 12 (Harley's), E. Dixon 18, J. Wilson 15, R. Espedal 14, J. Wayman 13, J. Kawoosh 13 (Simpson), A. Cleverly 16, M. Buckman 13, D. Terrence 10 (Coast Controls), M. Konigsberger 18, R. Verboomen 12 (Willapa Printing), J. Lundy 14 (Pacific Eye Clinic)

Top Rebounders: Tom Clements 14, Ryan Freeman 11.

Most steals: Jesse Kawoosh 4. Team steals: Pitchwood 11, Simpson 10.

All around players of the night: Jesse Kawoosh of Simpson Ave Grill had 13 points, 8 rebounds and 4 steals. Ryan Freeman of Harley's had 17 points, 11 rebounds and 1 steal.

Results for May 18:

Coastline Roofing (61) gets the win over Pacific Eye Clinic (49). Coastline's win gives them 6th place and Pacific takes 7th.

Coast Contols (65) defeats Willapa Printing (58). With the win Coast Controls solidifies the number 4 spot and Willapa Printing takes number 5.

Harley's (71) came out hot against Simpson Ave Grill (49) and didn't let up until the final buzzer. With the loss Simpson settles at 3rd place and Harley's will have to wait to see the results of the tiebreaker with Pitchwood (both with 10-2 records) for the 1 and 2 spots for the tourney and the League Crown.

Referees: Mark McClain, Joey Maneman.

Top shooters: K. Oblad 20, R. Downard 15, M. Davis 14 (Coastline Roofing), N. Patrick 15, W. Timmons 10 (Pacific),
D. Barnes 28, A. Follet 19 (Coast Controls), S. Camenzind 16, R. Verboomen 14 (Willapa Printing), R. Freeman 22, B. Langer 18, R. Stephens 10 (Harley's), A. Cleverly 12, Z. Fogo 12 (Simpson)

Top Rebounders: J. Perez 11 (Coastline), J. Freeman 9 (Harley's), R. Verboomen 7 (Willapa)

Most steals: J. Perez 3, C. Buchanan 3.

All around player of the night: Kyler Oblad of Coastline Roofing had 20 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals.

Final Standings for the regular season:
Pitchwood 10-2
Harley's 10-2
Simpson 9-3
Coast Controls 6-6
Willapa Printing 4-8
Coastline Roofing 2-10
Pacific Eye Clinic 1-11