City Council holds record meeting



SOUTH BEND - Some might say that when the mayor is away the city council plays - but that does not hold true for the South Bend City Council.

Even though it was a record short meeting lasting a mere eleven minutes, they did take care of spending $197,427 dollars for payroll and vendor payouts, held a public meeting and heard comments from the public during the open comment period.

With council member Robert Hall serving as Mayor Pro Tem, and a few members missing for various other reasons, they the remaining council members and department heads did produce action from the May 11 meeting.

With no correspondence to report the scheduled 5:45 pm start of the Public Hearing for the next CDGB Grant application was moved forward after the first minute of the session starting.

The city will be seeking a Community Development Block Grant to put against raw water impoundment.

South Bend City Clerk Dee Roberts stepped the public through the introduction of the Public Meeting announcing that the city was going to try and apply for grant money under the General Purpose Grants that have a possible $8,500,000 dollars available. The funds in this area are put to use for public infrastructure, community facilities, affordable housing and/or economic development.

"We usually do get some grant money, but it is a process that we have to work through," said Roberts.

The first Public Meeting was to explain what the program was and that the city of South Bend would be applying for some money with the intent to use it on a specific city project, their raw water issue. With the Washington State CDGB program, rural communities have been able to tackle projects that their budgets would not be able to afford, and since 1982, the program has distributed $456 million dollars to rural communities like South Bend.

The public meeting closed two minutes later without any additional comments from the attending public.

Council member Hall steered the meeting right into Items from the Public as the council heard from resident Haley Goodwin and the intent to hold the outdoor market again this year. She was asking for the councils blessing to move forward with the plans.

The only point that was needed was when council member Karla Weber knew that Mayor Struck wanted to speak to the organizers prior to implementation this year and it was agreed that the group would speak to Mayor Struck first before making any concrete plans.

The council did give their blessing for the group to move forward with the event with the proviso that there would be a conversation with the Mayor prior to any real setup. The issue was unclear as to what the Mayor wanted to speak to the group about.

The Department Head Reports was quickly dispensed with as Police Chief Dave Eastham was the only one present and Clerk Roberts had nothing else to report on.

In the Police Chief report he noted that all was going well in the city, that he really had nothing of note to report.

The meeting went right into Council Comments with council member Lisa Olsen reporting that the Labor Day bake sale was a success and that she was now selling "Duck" tickets for the annual Labor Day race.

"We are selling tickets a little earlier this year to give everybody a chance to enter the race. Tickets are $5 a piece and we will have plenty of prizes for the winners," said Olsen.

Olsen noted that the tickets will be on sale at local merchants in South Bend and Raymond starting June 1. The annual fundraiser will set out a possible 1,000 rubber ducks who will race (ride the tide) to the South Bend Dock.

Council member Pat Neve checked in about a truck parked across parking lines and was advised by Chief Eastham that the area in question was actually a private drive and the truck had permission to park in this manner. Neve also let council member Olsen know that the oyster van would be available for Labor Day.

Mayor Pro Tem, Hall took his turn and thanked the local media for their coverage of the recent ADA picnic table at the South Bend boat launch and also noted that at the boat launch a few planks still need to be taken care of as it looks like a few of the screws had rusted out.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:41 pm and is a possible record setting time for the South Bend City Council.

The next regular South Bend City Council meeting will be at 5:30 pm, Wednesday, May 27, due to the Memorial Day weekend.