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Kennedi Collins

A new reporter has joined the team at the Town Crier, Kennedi Collins. A recent graduate of Winlock High School, Collins is looking for a future in journalism and will be attending Lower Columbia Community College in her pursuit at achieving a degree in Communications and Journalism, finishing at Washington State University, Vancouver.

The community of Winlock may already be aware of her talents for writing and photography as she worked for the school newspaper writing movie reviews and editorials and took sports pictures for the yearbook. Collins is very connected to Lewis County as a resident and has special insight into the life of a small town community member, as well as she has traveled outside of the community to the nations capitol and Europe.

Collins will initially be covering local city council meetings and the periodic feature of community leaders. We hope that the community will welcome Kennedi in her new position with the Town Crier Newspaper as she brings you her voice of community news.