Austin wins essay contest put on by WDC

Austin wins essay contest put on by WDC

Left to right: Koko Austin (sister), Emily Austin (winner), Alycia Cramer (mom), and Robin Brumley

The Winlock Dance Center recently gave a basket to a student who wrote an essay for Mothers Day. Mrs. Collins and Miss Iverson worked in coordination with Robin Brumley at the dance center. Emly Austin won the essay contest and the basket worth $100.

Her essay was about her mother. Here is a small example of what she wrote:

"I appreciate my mother very much. She cares for others and herself, loves people for who they are and gives people more than one chance to make things right. She loves our family and tries to help the world as best as she can, even if that's just showing a little bit of kindness. Ever since everything going around, my appreciation for my mom has grown by her making sure that we wear masks out in public, so we don't get sick and she has been reminding us about the many dangers and to stay safe."

Robin Brumley, who owns the Winlock Dance Center stated "I chose that essay because with what everyone is going through right now it sometimes can put priorities, perspectives and core values to the test. We also have taken for granted the important roles many people play in our daily lives to make them happier, healthier, easier. It's a good time for reflection for us all but was particularly interesting to see what the perspective might be from our youth, pre-teens ages 11 through 14. My hopes were that they would also share these essays with their mothers for the holiday weekend coming up with stores being closed and money being tight. I thought it would be a nice opportunity for a deserving youth to give something nice to their mom!"

It's a great thing when a young adult appreciates their parents, it's even better when the rest of us get to experience a little of their lives.