A Glance at the Past 8-27-14

This run will not be intercepted by the upper river traps before traps before the season again opens, but will pass on to the Cascades on Cellio. The last run of fish was fair quality, considering that of former seasons, the steelheads being first class. Silversides have entered the river and were quite plentiful, though only bringing 1 cent per lb., with steelheads at 3 cents and, and salmon at 5 cents.

Salaried Justice for Raymond

Population Officially Recognized to be over 5000

Raymond was officially recognized as a city of over fifty thousand inhabitants by the county commissioners Tuesday afternoon, and as a result the office of justice of the peace becomes one of considerable importance and carries a salary of $100 per month. A hearing was had before the commissioner for the purpose of establishing the fact that the city had 5000 people, and after hearing the evidence submitted the board agreed to acknowledge the city's right to a salaried justice of the peace, and as a result there will be but one justice elected at the coming election.

50 years ago from the Raymond Herald

August 27, 1964

South Bend Plans Levy On Utilities

The City of South Bend Monday night laid the groundwork for imposition of a two per cent utility tax on the gross revenues of Pacific Northwest Bell telephone and Public Utility District No. 2.

It is estimated that the new tax will provide an additional $3,000 in revenue for the current expense fund. Council members were reluctant to impose a new tax but felt that it would have to be done to get the budget in balance.

Boy Makes Quite An Impression - But Not Desired One

As it has been with many an older man, a desire to impress a girl friend led to a disaster for a 14-year-old boy Saturday afternoon.

The boy, accompanied by a 13-year-old companion, was sitting in an automobile belonging to a relative last Saturday afternoon near 3rd and Duryea Sts.

He decided to take the auto for a drive, proceeding up Duryea St. to 11th. All had been going well, and the juvenile decided to demonstrate his newly-discovered prowess to a girl friend who lives in the area.

As he turned the corner onto 11th, however, the young driver got the gas pedal and brake mixed up a little, losing control of the car.

25 years ago from the Willapa Harbor Herald

August 30, 1989

Count to divvy up $2 MM from timber

Taxing entitles in Pacific County are expected to get a record $2 million from state-managed Forest Board timberlands this year, eight times as much as the $247,000 paid last year. County officials don't expect to see much of it.

Noisy Brakes Irk Menlo-ites

The people of Menlo are fed up, and they don't want to take it anymore.

"It" is the annoying sound of jake brakes they hear around the clock as trucks slow down for the 35 mph speed zone on SR 6 in Menlo.

A petition signed by 23 residents asked that the speed signs as the east end of town be moved a quarter mile further east, and moved away from residences.