A Few Thoughts about Sen. Hatfield’s Family Demise

Hugh Fleet



families here in the 19th District by refusing to sign on to SB5156 [parental notification] before giving our daughters or granddaughters an abortion as young as 13 years old, parents and young girls, be dammed!

Senator Hatfield washes his hands of his constituent’s religious and parental rights and leaves the teenage girl without family support to live with what the government’s help here do with an unborn baby!

Master Hatfield, let me take a leaf from Daniel Webster’s book.

“Good intentions are always pleaded for any assumption of authority [parental authority in this case] the constitution was made to protect us from our elected official good intentions, but there are people of all ages who mean to govern well and they promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”

Master Hatfield, I would tell you to get out of town by sundown, but I don’t believe you even live in the district.

William Penn, “If you’re not ruled by God, you’re controlled by tyrants.”


Hugh Fleet,

South Bend, Wash.



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