“Certificate of Good Practice” helps county receive funds for road improvement


To commence, the Board of Health passed their Consent Agenda with the Rainbow Valley Landfill Voucher: City of Raymond - $4,330, PUD No. 2 - $81.13, Royal Heights Transfer Station, Inc - $5,533.92.

The Commissioners then took public comment. Rich Aust of Willapa posed a question to the Board about the driving of four wheelers on the state highway. Commissioners Steve Rogers and Lisa Ayers of the Board explained that ATVs cannot be driven on a road with a speed limit over 35 mph, but they are allowed on county roads marked under 35 mph. However, you can cross a state highway to get from one county road to another.

Next, the Board adopted a proclamation declaring the week of May 18-24 as Emergency Medical Services Week with the theme “EMS Dedicated For Life”. During this week there will be programs, events, and activities to thank all the agencies and people who provide emergency medical services.

Under issues regarding the Public Works department, a “Certificate of Good Practice” for 2013 from the County Road Administration Board was presented to Mike Collins, Director of Public Works. This certificate allows the department to be eligible for funds from the state for road improvement projects.

Two of the projects that became possible because of the certificate are the Rue Creek project and the Sandridge Road resurface project, both approved at the meeting on Tuesday.

Regarding the Sandridge Road work, Collins said: “It’s a one-mile stretch on Sandridge Road between Cranberry and 155th Street. We’ll put about a three-inch overlay on the existing road. We’ll get rid of the roots, the raising roots first. . . Again that’s money that we got based on the certificate.”

For community development news, the Household Hazardous Waste Facility will be receiving a new roof soon with the approval from the Board on Tuesday, with the lowest bids for the work to be accepted in order to keep cost down. Also approved was the purchase of a new vehicle for Code Enforcement at the price of $25,935, to be bought with solid waste tipping fees. “The vehicle will be used solely for solid waste,” explained Faith Taylor, Director of Community Development.

For general business, the annual Independence Day Parade by the Tokeland – North Cove Chamber of Commerce was approved and will take place July 5.

An update to the 2006 10 Year Plan to Reduce Homelessness in Pacific County was presented by writer Adrienne Strehlow, Chairperson of the Peninsula Poverty Response and Ocean Park Lutheran Pastor.

Strehlow explained that homelessness is an important issue to Pacific County: “We have a very high percentage, it’s about 18%, of people living at or below the poverty line. That’s really our primary reason for homelessness in the county. People are at this risk, that if one thing happens, a medical thing or a tragic event, they’re at either imminent risk of homelessness or they’re homeless. Along with that, oftentimes people are living in houses that need repairs because our housing stock is so old. Oftentimes people who are working are in seasonal jobs. Our median age, of course, is about 10 or 15 years higher than the state average. And our median income is at almost $19,000, according to some numbers that I’ve found, $19,000 less than the state average. So these are all contributing factors.”

A major change in the current update from the 2006 plan is a move away from transition housing, due to lack of funds. The plan includes proposals of emergency shelter for people who are in immediate and short-term need of housing, however it does not include proposals for long-term shelters.

Also in general business, a tool sale event to be held on May 22 at 9016 Pacific Highway in Seaview from 8am-6pm was approved by the Board as a special event.

Resignations included: Lloyd Houk, Senior Engineer Tech in the Department of Public Works; Melaine Mero, Telecommunicator in the Sheriff’s Office; and Amy Dennis from Lodging Tax Advisory Committee. New hires included Kristina Seif, Environmental Health Specialist in the Department of Community Development. Maiko Minami was reappointed for a two year term on the Timberland Regional Support Network Advisory Board.